The World’s Strongest Stretching Tool! 

WHAT MAKES THIS STRETCHING STRAP UNIQUE: When the AST creator had a major back injury, other physical therapy straps didn’t work. He created the original AST to help him maintain muscle tone and flexibility as he healed from a hospital bed. Stretching with the AST daily kept his upper and lower body strong while his back healed. Because of the AST, he was able to return to work in carpentry - even though his doctor told him that he would never be able to. The AST uses your body’s force as opposed to bungees or springs and is made with high quality, durable materials. The original AST was created 30 years ago and is still being used today!

COMFORTABLE STRETCHING: Featuring soft, comfortable hand grips, this physical therapy stretch band with handles is both adjustable and durable with a metal cam buckle welded to the handlebar, allowing you to adjust the 42” strap according to your flexibility. You can stretch while watching TV, lying on the floor, or even the comfort of your own bed! Use a mat on the floor for the best results.

POST INJURY RELIEF: The AST stretches your muscles and increases flexibility as your body does its most important job post injury - heal itself. The AST targets all the muscle groups in your body as you stretch, increasing blood flow to the muscles and brain. Stretching in this way not only improves muscular and mental strength - it can even help improve your memory! 

HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE: The AST is extremely strong and well-built, allowing the stretching force of up to 500 lbs! Made with heavy-duty stitching and 2" webbing, the AST is all about harnessing your strength to stretch your muscles, hamstrings, lower and upper back, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. This physical therapy stretch band is virtually unbreakable. Lifetime warranty included!


PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from high quality, durable materials that will last a lifetime, the patent-pending AST Adjustable Stretching Tool is handmade in the USA. You’ll be able to feel the superior quality for yourself from the moment you receive your physical therapy strap. With heavy duty webbing, thick bicycle-like hand grips, and an engraved metal cam buckle welded to the handlebar, there is no physical therapy stretching strap like this in the market today.


SPECIFICATIONS: The 42” long strap features 2” heavy duty webbing with a metal D ring and two 9” loops for your feet, ⅞” steel handlebars with 2 bike grips on each end, and a 2” engraved metal cam buckle. The AST weighs only 2.8 lbs and is small enough to fit in any travel bag. Supports up to 500 lbs.


PHYSICAL THERAPY BENEFITS: Maintain flexibility and muscle strength to keep your body strong and healthy during the healing period post injury. The AST was created as a result of a major back injury and can help you heal more comfortably, maintaining muscle tone and flexibility as your body heals.


REDUCE PAIN & STRESS: Stretching with the AST reduces stress and muscle tension, increases flexibility, and gives you an extra pep in your step. This stretching tool provides a gentle stretch without bouncing, which can cause tissue damage. Stretching after injury can also help relieve pain, leading to an improved mood, increased energy levels, and faster healing time.


Shipping: Free Domestic Shipping

Package Dimensions : 21 x 7 x 7 inches; 2.8 Pounds

Manufacturer : RG&JG Enterprises, LLC





*Lifetime warranty covers normal, regular use only.

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